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EU-wide monitoring methods and systems of surveillance for species and habitats of Community interest

Halt the loss of
by 2020

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The Aims of EuMon

Recent years have shown some cooperation and convergence of monitoring programs in Europe, but further efforts are required.
  • EuMon will be a platform for steering monitoring efforts in Europe.
  • EuMon derives and elaborates common and standardized protocols and derives new methods from selected and proposed monitoring techniques.
  • EuMon will contribute to common and harmonized monitoring protocols, which will provide more comparable data for agreed biodiversity indicators, thus allowing standardized reporting over time and across Europe.
  • EuMon will combine several innovative scientific approaches and recommend the most valuable tools.

The EuMon objectives can be broken down into the following specific objectives. EuMon will be
  1. reviewing available methods and approaches to monitor abundance and trends in species and habitats of Community interest; Link DaEuMon
  2. evaluating the appropriateness of and recommending improvements for these methods and approaches for assessing the extent to which the 2010 target is achieved; Link DaEuMon
  3. designing methods that allow an evaluation and cost-effective improvement of the contribution of NATURA 2000 and other conservation activities to the achievement of the 2010 target;
  4. developing methods for prioritizing among species and habitats based on rankings of national responsibilities for their conservation; (Link to national responsibilities)
  5. assessing and understanding how the work of amateur naturalists contributes to monitor the achievement of the 2010 target and developing recommendations how they could be encouraged to work most effectively within this framework; Link Volunteers
  6. integrating the most promising methods, approaches, and techniques (schemes) into a comprehensive, coherent, and consistent framework for assessing the achievements towards the 2010 target;
  7. making the framework, its recommendations, and the set of tools publicly available via an Internet portal.


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