EU-wide monitoring methods and systems of surveillance for species and habitats of Community interest
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What's covered?
BioMAT is an internet-based support tool for biodiversity monitoring developed by the EuMon team. Its primary aim is to provide a coherent and consistent framework for assessing the state and trends in selected components of biodiversity.

BioMAT provides background information about biodiversity monitoring and relevant policies. This includes a glossary of terms and links to policy portals relevant for biodiversity monitoring.

BioMAT allows the creation of overview graphs of the coverage and characteristics of monitoring schemes in Europe that match criteria specified by the user, e.g. country, taxonomic group, or launching reason for the monitoring schemes. Both species and habitats are covered. Users can also extract schemes that monitor ANNEX species and habitats of the Habitats and Birds Directives or monitoring schemes that focus on protected sites. Information about volunteer involvement and the characteristics of volunteer based monitoring organisations are included in the overviews. Characteristics of volunteer based monitoring organisations can be created. The created overview graphs can be saved and retrieved as pdf files.

BioMAT describes methods and provides recommendations for the analysis of species and habitat monitoring data. This includes the integration of monitoring data or the results obtained from different monitoring schemes. Some of these features are still under construction but should be available end of 2009. Mapping data are currently covered only marginally but we plan to add methods for mapping data in 2010 and 2011 based on results from a new project, SCALES.

In the near future, BioMAT will also provide recommendations for the design of monitoring schemes. This will include support for decisions about the scale for monitoring and the identification of criteria for which a particular monitoring scheme could be improved.

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