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European Environmental Action Plan
The European Environmental Action Plan (6th EAP) sets the framework for EU environmental policy making in the period until 2012.

The 6th EAP was adopted 2002 by the European Parliament. It identifies four priority areas: climate change, nature and biodiversity, environment and health, and natural resources and waste. It promotes full integration of environmental protection requirements into all Community policies and actions and provides the environmental component of the Community's strategy for sustainable development.

A link is made between environment and European objectives for growth, competitiveness and employment. The 6th EAP calls for the development of seven Thematic Strategies, among them in the field of the marine environment within the priority area of biodiversity.

The 6th EAP establishes strategic approaches to meet the environmental goals and sets objectives and priority actions on international issues. The strategic approaches include among others: the development of Community legislation and its effective implementation and enforcement, the integration of environment protection requirements in other Community policies and the promotion of sustainable production and consumption patterns, improving collaboration with enterprises and informing individual consumers, enterprises and public purchasers about the environmental impact of processes and products.

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