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Basic approach
The BioMAT tool is an internet-based tool for biodiversity monitoring and assessment developed by the EuMon team. Its primary aim is to provide a coherent and consistent framework for assessing the state and trends in selected components of biodiversity.

BioMAT has been developed as a framework to support biodiversity monitoring and integration of existing monitoring schemes. It covers essentially three aspects in three main modules:

  • Integration of monitoring activities across Europe, by providing an overview of the coverage and characteristics of monitoring schemes in Europe; users can select monitoring schemes according to predefined criteria, e.g. country or taxonomic group.
  • Interactive guidelines for the analysis of data and assessment of trends from existing monitoring schemes,
  • Integration of biodiversity monitoring, by providing advice on design and evaluation of monitoring schemes against user-specified criteria.
BioMAT also provides a number of background and explanatory notes to give broader information on the issues touched by BioMAT. These notes briefly explain topics relevant to EuMon and BioMAT.

BioMAT leads the users through a number of different steps relevant to the main issues of the three modules. At the relevant end points, recommendations for action are provided as well as references to additional background information on the topic at hand. BioMAT covers the main strategic choices that users need to consider in the monitoring of biodiversity and refers to additional information sources for specific advice on monitoring methods or assessments. The basic structure of BioMAT is shown in the following figure. More detailed information can be found in the Reference material for BioMAT and the EuMon portal.

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Module 1
Assessing coverage in monitoring scheme
Module 2
Assessing state & trends in data from existing schemes
Module 3
Design or evaluation of monitoring schemes

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