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EuMon Policy relevance and support
Monitoring of species and habitats is a priority area in many national and international biodiversity conservation strategies and legislation. EuMon and its BioMAT tool are especially relevant for the Habitats and Birds Directives and their reporting requirements.

BioMAT provides tools tailored to the reporting requirements of Member States that generate overviews of relevant monitoring schemes, their taxonomic and spatial coverage, pressures monitored, and other characteristics that give indication of the quality of monitoring results and resources required. The output of these tools can be exported for inclusion in reports for the Directives. These tools are implemented in module 1 Assessing the coverage of species and habitat monitoring schemes in Europe. This module is also relevant for the European Biodiversity Strategy and especially the 2010 target by allowing the generation of user-defined overviews on coverage and gaps in taxonomic groups and habitats monitored across Europe and in Member States, and on resources allocated to the monitoring of particular groups. BioMAT further provides support to these policies by providing guidance for the Design and evaluation of monitoring schemes and for Assessing state and trends from monitoring data.

Beyond the BioMAT tool, EuMon is relevant for the Habitats and Birds Directives, the European Environmental Action Plan, and the European Biodiversity Strategy by providing an overview of gaps in the coverage of habitats and species of the Annexes of the Directives in the Natura 2000 network and by providing methodological guidelines for the improvement of the existing network. It further supports these policies with an improved method for assessing national responsibilities for the conservation of habitats and species, which includes an assessment of selected taxa.

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