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Habitats and Birds Directives monitoring
Monitoring of conservation status is an obligation arising from Article 11 of the Habitats Directive for all habitats (as listed in Annex I) and species (as listed in Annexes II, IV, and V) of Community interest. Consequently, this provision is not restricted to Natura 2000 sites and data need to be collected both inside and outside the Natura 2000 network to achieve a full appreciation of conservation status. The main results of this monitoring have to be reported to the Commission every six years according to Article 17 of the Directive.

Distribution and population size are the two criteria accepted for the reporting of Member States on the Birds and Habitats Directives to the European Commission. They also correspond to the species level of biodiversity headline indicators recommended to the Commission by the European Environment Agency's SEBI 2010 working group.

BioMAT module 1 can help to create predefined reports that support monitoring obligations by providing an overview of monitoring activities started in support of EU or national policies, including taxonomic and geographic coverage of the schemes, volunteer involvement and costs, as well as methodological approaches used and reliability criteria met. These reports can be restricted to particular countries, major habitat types, or taxonomic groups.

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