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EU-wide monitoring methods and systems of surveillance for species and habitats of Community interest

Halt the loss of
by 2020

Program count:  414
Scheme count:  649
Species:  472
Habitats:  177
 Input history
Public Deliverables of the EuMon Project

Deliverables are scientific products of the different Work packages of an EU-funded research project. Not all of them are open for public. On the following site all public EuMon deliverables of the project livetime are stored, even some interesting outcomes which were originally designated only for members of the consortium (including the Commission Services).
D2 Recommendations for survey design and data analysis
D3 Flyer for the general public and interested scientists
D4 Preliminary list of approaches and best practice for participatory monitoring networks (PMNs)
D8 Database on monitoring schemes of animal and plant species
D9 Database on monitoring schemes of habitats
D10 Draft methodology for assessing national responsibilities
D11 Draft methodology to analyze whether networks represent adequately habitats and species of Community interests
D12 Compilation and illustration of statistical methods for the analysis of state and trends in populations and species level biodiversity
D14 List of information gaps in existing monitoring programs for potential conservation network sites
D16 Framework for integration of different species monitoring schemes
D17 Recommendations for the coherence, scientific quality, and cost-effectiveness of monitoring schemes
D18 Compilation and illustration of recommended methods for analysis of combined data from different monitoring schemes
D19 Framework for integration of different habitat monitoring schemes
D20 Recommendations for scientific quality, and time and cost-effectiveness of habitat monitoring schemes
D21 Revised and tested methodology
D24 Cross-cultural recommendations for operational approaches in participatory monitoring networks to assess the 2010 target

D24- Participatory Monitoring Networks - Executive Summary
D24 - The Social Science of Participatory Monitoring Networks - Extended Version

D26 Final version of a coherent integrated methodology and user manual
D27 Conference on the most relevant findings of EuMon with stakeholder and members of the Advisory Board
D28 Internet portal for presentation and download of methods and tools
D29 Publications in both popular and scientific media
D30 Manual »Best practice for Monitoring Species and Habitats of Community Interests«


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