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EU-wide monitoring methods and systems of surveillance for species and habitats of Community interest

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Welcome to the EuMon portal
Biodiversity monitoring in Europe

An information and support platform for biodiversity monitoring in Europe

Developed an maintained by EuMon, EBONE, and SCALES
for the European biodiversity monitoring community


EuMon and EU BON join forces for enhanced access to monitoring data

The EuMon project (2004-2008) created Europe's most comprehensive metadata catalogue of biodiversity monitoring activities. The EU BON project (2012-2017) ( is now building a new portal where this information is highlighted. Therefore, the original EuMon catalogue is now being expanded with new information on data availability and access; coordinators can also express their interest in getting support for data analysis. Furthermore, the current number of monitoring schemes in the EuMon catalogue could be increased, as the catalogue still covers less than half of all existing schemes in Europe. EuMon and EU BON will therefore launch soon a campaign to update and expand the catalogue. This will also create an opportunity for the willing monitoring schemes to publish their data through the EU BON Portal and the Global Biodiversity Information Facility ( This allows, for instance, related monitoring schemes in different countries integrate with each others data. Stay tuned.
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Heads of states at the European Council in Gothenburg, in 2001 made the commitment to "halt biodiversity loss by 2010". This commitment became widely known as Agenda 2010. Biodiversity has its own intrinsic value, but is also increasingly recognized for its goods and services. In recognition of this value and in response to global, European, or national commitments, countries are implementing plans to halt the further degradation of biodiversity. Policymakers need to know if their decisions and the instruments developed to protect and use biodiversity in a sustainable manner are effective. Managers need to know to what extent they are meeting the goals of European Nature Directives and Biodiversity Conservation Strategies. Biodiversity monitoring is essential to evaluate successes and failures. Policy-related monitoring programs can result in concrete messages for decision makers and the public.

Despite the strong political commitment to biodiversity monitoring in Europe, no common framework has been designed. While many monitoring activities are taking place locally, nationally, or internationally, they differ strongly in their approaches and methods as well as geographic and biological coverage. Until recently, no overview of these activities existed. To ensure the most efficient and effective use of limited resources for monitoring, and that questions posed by decision makers are answered adequately, there is a need for coordination and standardization of biodiversity monitoring across Europe. Standardisation should enable wider access and multi-purpose use of data and lead to improved harmonisation of long-term indicator-based monitoring and the integration of results.

Against this background, the project EuMon EU-wide monitoring methods and systems of surveillance for species and habitats of Community interest was established to evaluate biodiversity monitoring in Europe and to develop relevant tools and methods via this portal. A core group of EuMon scientists will continue to develop and maintain this portal, with the support of new EU projects: EBONE and SCALES.

Information available

Based on the results of the EuMon project the portal provides information on biodiversity monitoring in Europe, national responsibilities, and biodiversity coverage of the Natura 2000 network. Policy briefs for these topics are also available. It also provides a support tool called BioMAT for the design and analysis of monitoring schemes. Information is structured into different sections:

Summary of EuMon provides a short summary of topics in different European languages;

Publications contains a list of publications from EuMon, with links to access them. The list will be continuously updated;

Deliverables contains results and outputs created by EuMon;

Policy briefs present key messages for biodiversity monitoring and determination of national responsibilities;

National Responsibilities introduces a new concept that can be used for priority setting in biodiversity monitoring and conservation;

Natura 2000 shows biodiversity coverage and gaps in the Natura 2000 network;

Background information on biodiversity monitoring introduces the concepts of biodiversity monitoring, indicators, environmental pressures, volunteers in biodiversity. It also summarizes relevant policies for biodiversity monitoring and contains a glossary.

Overviews of current practice of biodiversity monitoring in Europe and Characteristics of volunteer based monitoring organisations in Europe are available as predefined reports or can be generated with the BioMAT tool. In 2009 > 600 monitoring schemes involving > 46.000 people from 28 European countries were included in these assessments.

Support tools available

Besides Policy briefs containing key messages for biodiversity monitoring, the portal provides recommendations for recruiting, motivating, and retaining volunteers in monitoring schemes. A special support tool, BioMAT has been developed to assess the coverage and characteristics of biodiversity monitoring schemes in Europe. As a user you can specify a range of criteria to select schemes from a comprehensive database that meet specified criteria. You can generate overview graphs of the characteristics of selected schemes and generate a pdf of them. BioMAT provides guidelines for analysis, integration, and the design of monitoring schemes.

How can I contribute?

  • Interested in joining biodiversity monitoring programs or cooperating with complementary programs? By using the search engine you can find and list programs to match your interests.
  • Involved in monitoring and your scheme not yet included? Share information about it with others by entering details in DaEuMon. Or ask your coordinator whether you can make the entry on her/his behalf.
  • Involved in monitoring and your organisation in not yet included? Share with others and register it in the Participatory Monitoring Network Database or ask your coordinator whether you can enter information on her/his behalf.
  • Statisticians developing new methods or having text book illustrations for you methods available? Consider providing them for BioMAT. Contact the coordination.
  • Programmers developing software for monitoring data analysis with free software, e.g. R? Consider providing a link to you software in BioMAT. Contact the coordination.
  • Native speaker of other European languages/professional translator? Consider translating this introductory page or the questionnaires for the EuMon databases into your mother tongue.
  • Found any errors or problems? For content, please report to the EuMon team, for technical problems please contact the database manager.


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