EU-wide monitoring methods and systems of surveillance for species and habitats of Community interest
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Monitoring programs
Programs list Introduction

Thank you for willing to collaborate to our European survey on biodiversity monitoring practices. This initiative is part of the project EuMon.

The information you will provide will be used to:

  1. build a comprehensive database on European biodiversity monitoring schemes,
  2. identify current general practices in biodiversity monitoring,
  3. make practical recommendations on how to design optimal and feasible monitoring schemes.
Personal rewards. Once you complete the questionnaire, YOU will BE ABLE TO DOWNLOAD a summary of the characteristics of your monitoring scheme. Further, when the analysis of the database will be completed, you will receive an analysis of your program with reference to the European monitoring context. Additionally you will be given access to browse the entire database on European monitoring schemes of which your own contribution will form a part.

Please note that:

  • You should direct any question about EUMON and problems when filling the questionnaire to;
  • we will NOT request you provide monitoring data (either raw data or summary statistics). Our questions refer to the monitoring methods used and organisational details only;
  • estimated burden time: 20 minutes
  • all final deliverables of the EUMON Project will be available to you on our website at the end of the project.
Now, you may now access the questionnaire to describe your monitoring program.

When quantitative information is asked for, if you cannot compute exact values (e.g. annual manpower), please provide guess estimates instead of not answering.

To fill in the questionnaire, you have, first, to register as a new user (or enter your user identifier and password). Then, click on "Add a new program".

You can retrieve information on your program by searching for its name (or the name of the coordinator) in the table of programs entered in the database. If it is already available, please use it as a basis to complement the description via the new questionnaire.

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Search the database 
Monitoring schemes available: 649 / Species: 472 / Habitats: 177
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Typed inProgram nameCoordinatorCountryScheme name
2006-05-05European Monitoring of HabitatsPsichogiou Eleni GreeceScheme - habitats Implementation of management measures at the Agras wetland
2006-05-05European Monitoring of HabitatsKatsaros Dimitrios GreeceScheme - habitats Conservation management in Strofylia-Kotychi
2006-05-05European Monitoring of HabitatsKoutrakis Emmanouil GreeceScheme - habitats Concerted actions for the management of the Strymonikos coastal zone
2006-05-05European Monitoring of HabitatsPsaroudas Spyros GreeceScheme - habitats Conservation actions in the Northern Pindos National Park
2006-05-05European Monitoring of HabitatsZacharias Ierotheos GreeceScheme - habitats Actions for the protection of the calcareous fens
2006-05-05European Monitoring of HabitatsZacharias Ierotheos GreeceScheme - habitats Actions for the conservation of Mediterranean temporary ponds in Crete
2006-05-05European Monitoring of HabitatsOikonomakis Fanourios GreeceScheme - habitats Amelioration and conservation of Rouva‘s forest on Idi mountain
2006-05-05European Monitoring of HabitatsFamellos S. GreeceScheme - habitats Development & implementation of integrated water resources management policy to a river basin, through the application of a social wide local agreement, based on the principles of Agenda
2006-05-05European Monitoring of HabitatsMylonas Moisis GreeceScheme - habitats Mediterranean reservoirs and wetlands. A demonstration of multiple-objective management in the island of Crete
2006-05-05European Monitoring of HabitatsDafis Spyros GreeceScheme - habitats Conservation measures for the palm forest of Vai, Greece
2006-05-05European Monitoring of HabitatsAthanasiadis Matthaios GreeceScheme - habitats Conservation management of Cheimaditida-Zazari wetlands
2006-05-05European Monitoring of HabitatsMalakou Myrsini GreeceScheme - habitats Conservation of priority bird species in Lake Mikri Prespa, Greece
2006-05-05European Monitoring of HabitatsValaoras G. GreeceScheme - habitats Conservation programme for the Ionian Sea region concerning habitats of species threatened with extinction
2006-05-05European Monitoring of HabitatsPapakonstantinou C. GreeceScheme - habitats Implementation of management plan for Pylos lagoon and Evrotas delta
2006-05-05European Monitoring of HabitatsPapanikolaou Evi GreeceScheme - habitats Actions for the promotion of integrated coastal zone management in the catchment areas and estuaries of two rivers-the case of Kalamas (Greece) and Lynher (UK)
2006-05-05European Monitoring of HabitatsSofialides A. GreeceScheme - habitats Protection and management of the population and habitats of Ursus arctos in Greece (1st phase)
2006-05-05European Monitoring of HabitatsGregoriatis Gregorios GreeceScheme - habitats Rehabilitation of Coppice Quercus frainetto woods (9280) and Quercus ilex woods (9340) to high forest
2006-05-05European Monitoring of HabitatsMentzelopoulos K. GreeceScheme - habitats Conservation management of an Inland SPA
2006-05-05European Monitoring of HabitatsThanos Costas GreeceScheme - habitats A pilot network of plant micro-reserves in Western Crete
2006-05-05European Monitoring of HabitatsKaravellas Demetres GreeceScheme - habitats Conservation of birds prey in the Dadia forest reserve, Greece
2006-05-05European Monitoring of HabitatsKassioumis Kostas GreeceScheme - habitats Conservation and management actions in special protected areas in Greece
2006-05-05European Monitoring of HabitatsPapoutsi Vaso GreeceScheme - habitats Habitat management and raptor conservation in Nestos Delta and Gorge
2006-05-05European Monitoring of HabitatsVasiliou P. GreeceScheme - habitats Integrated management of Sperchios River ecosystem
2006-05-05European Monitoring of HabitatsDimopoulos D. GreeceScheme - habitats Application of management plan for Caretta caretta in southern Kyparissia Bay
2006-05-05European Monitoring of HabitatsZavras Vrassidas GreeceScheme - habitats The Monk Seal:conservation actions in two Greek NATURA 2000 sites
2006-05-04Mapping grasshoppers, crickets and mantids of Rhineland-PalatinatePfeifer Manfred Alban GermanyScheme - species Mapping grasshoppers, crickets and mantids of Rhineland-Palatinate
2006-05-02Conservation & Ecology of the European Adder in the SpessartPenner Johannes GermanyScheme - species Conservation & Ecology of the European Adder in the Spessart, Germany
2006-04-28PhenoclimDelestrade Anne FranceScheme - species plant phenology and climate change in the Alps
2006-04-28Monitoring of Habitats in the Biebrza National Park in PolandBartoszuk Helena PolandScheme - habitats Monitoring of Mires and Bogs
2006-04-28Monitoring of Habitats in the Biebrza National Park in PolandBartoszuk Helena PolandScheme - habitats Monitoring of Alkaline Fens
2006-04-28Monitoring of Species in the Biebrza National Park in PolandMarczakiewicz Piotr PolandScheme - species Monitoring of Black Grouse
2006-04-28Monitoring of Species in the Biebrza National Park in PolandFrackiel Krzysztof PolandScheme - species Monitoring of Butterflies
2006-04-28Monitoring of Species in the Biebrza National Park in PolandMarczakiewicz Piotr PolandScheme - species Monitoring of Aquatic Warbler
2006-04-28Monitoring of Species in the Biebrza National Park in PolandChwalinski Adam PolandScheme - species Monitoring of the Wolf
2006-04-28Monitoring of Species in the Biebrza National Park in PolandMarczakiewicz Piotr PolandScheme - species Monitoring of White Stork
2006-04-27Demersal Young Fish and Brown Shrimp SurveyNeudecker Thomas GermanyScheme - species Demersal Young Fish and Brown Shrimp Survey
2006-04-26Monitoring of Nature in the Wigry National Park in PolandKrzysztofiak Lech PolandScheme - habitats Monitoring of Bog Communities
2006-04-25Monitoring endangered plantsGarcia Maria SpainScheme - species Monitoring endangered plants
2006-04-20Monitoring Tagebau Vereinigtes SchleenhainTschierschke Alica GermanyScheme - species Vereinigtes Schleenhain Carabiden
2006-04-12Phoenciopterus roseus in FranceBéchet Arnaud FranceScheme - species Phoenicopterus roseus in France
2006-04-10Shag population dynamics on the French Atlantic coastBarbraud Christophe FranceScheme - species Shag population dynamics on the French Atlantic coast
2006-04-07MEDSEABGutierrez Ricard SpainScheme - species Monitoring of seabird populations in the western Mediterranean
2006-04-03Observatoire Régional de la Migration des Oiseaux en AquitaineUrcun Jean-Paul FranceScheme - species ORMO, survey of bird postnuptial migration through the Pyrenees and near the Atlantic Coast in Gironde
2006-04-03Monitoring of Social Wasps and Bumblebees in PolandPawlikowski Tadeusz PolandScheme - species Social Wasps and Bumblebees in the Cultural Landscapes of Poland
2006-03-31Evaluation de l‘état de conservation des rivièresCombroux Isabelle FranceScheme - species Evaluation de l‘état de conservation
2006-03-31ClimpexClobert Jean FranceScheme - species climpex or common lizards populations following up
2006-03-30Mapping of Lepidoptera in the Czech RepublicVrabec Vladimír Czech RepublicScheme - species Mapping of Lepidoptera of the Czech Republic
2006-03-27Larus canus scientific monitoringRattiste Kalev EstoniaScheme - species Larus canus
2006-03-21Monitoring of Parnassius apolloKiskova Katarina SlovakiaScheme - species Monitoring of Parnassius apollo in the Pieniny National Park in Slovakia
2006-03-17Ouessant Chough surveyKerbiriou Christian FranceScheme - species Ouessant Chough survey

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