EU-wide monitoring methods and systems of surveillance for species and habitats of Community interest
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Monitoring programs
Programs list Introduction

Thank you for willing to collaborate to our European survey on biodiversity monitoring practices. This initiative is part of the project EuMon.

The information you will provide will be used to:

  1. build a comprehensive database on European biodiversity monitoring schemes,
  2. identify current general practices in biodiversity monitoring,
  3. make practical recommendations on how to design optimal and feasible monitoring schemes.
Personal rewards. Once you complete the questionnaire, YOU will BE ABLE TO DOWNLOAD a summary of the characteristics of your monitoring scheme. Further, when the analysis of the database will be completed, you will receive an analysis of your program with reference to the European monitoring context. Additionally you will be given access to browse the entire database on European monitoring schemes of which your own contribution will form a part.

Please note that:

  • You should direct any question about EUMON and problems when filling the questionnaire to;
  • we will NOT request you provide monitoring data (either raw data or summary statistics). Our questions refer to the monitoring methods used and organisational details only;
  • estimated burden time: 20 minutes
  • all final deliverables of the EUMON Project will be available to you on our website at the end of the project.
Now, you may now access the questionnaire to describe your monitoring program.

When quantitative information is asked for, if you cannot compute exact values (e.g. annual manpower), please provide guess estimates instead of not answering.

To fill in the questionnaire, you have, first, to register as a new user (or enter your user identifier and password). Then, click on "Add a new program".

You can retrieve information on your program by searching for its name (or the name of the coordinator) in the table of programs entered in the database. If it is already available, please use it as a basis to complement the description via the new questionnaire.

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Monitoring schemes available: 649 / Species: 472 / Habitats: 177
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Typed inProgram nameCoordinatorCountryScheme name
2006-10-13Acarlar flooded forestErturk Doga TurkeyScheme - habitats Acarlar Lake Flooded Forest
2006-05-05European Monitoring of HabitatsZacharias Ierotheos GreeceScheme - habitats Actions for the conservation of Mediterranean temporary ponds in Crete
2006-05-05European Monitoring of HabitatsPapanikolaou Evi GreeceScheme - habitats Actions for the promotion of integrated coastal zone management in the catchment areas and estuaries of two rivers-the case of Kalamas (Greece) and Lynher (UK)
2006-05-05European Monitoring of HabitatsZacharias Ierotheos GreeceScheme - habitats Actions for the protection of the calcareous fens
2008-03-04Aerial counts of seaducksStienen Eric BelgiumScheme - species Aerial counts of seaducks
2006-05-11Monitoring wintering waterfowl in the CamargueGauthier-Clerc Michel FranceScheme - species Aerial monitoring of wintering waterfowl in the Camargue
2006-05-24Monitoring of migratory birds in PolandBusse Przemysław PolandScheme - species Akcja Bałtycka
2006-05-17Monitoring of migratory birds in PolandJędra Marek PolandScheme - species Akcja Carpatica
2006-05-29Monitoring of migratory birds in PolandPolakowski Michał PolandScheme - species Akcja Siemianowka
2011-03-01Irish Bat Monitoring SchemesAughney Tina IrelandScheme - species All-Ireland Daubenton‘s Waterways Surveys
2006-05-05European Monitoring of HabitatsOikonomakis Fanourios GreeceScheme - habitats Amelioration and conservation of Rouva‘s forest on Idi mountain
2006-12-12Amphibian and bat conservation in the Alpine and Adriatic region (Varstvo dvoživk in netopirjev v regiji Alpe-Jadran)Presetnik Primož SloveniaScheme - species Amphibian and bat conservation in the Alpine and Adriatic region (Varstvo dvoživk in netopirjev v regiji Alpe-Jadran)
2006-03-09Monitoring of Nature in PolandGlowacinski Zbigniew PolandScheme - species Amphibian and Reptile Monitoring
2006-03-07Estonian NMP Reptiles&AmphibiansPappel Piret EstoniaScheme - species Amphibians and reptiles
2006-11-21Amphibienlebensräume in der ZivilisationslandschaftMonika Hachtel GermanyScheme - species Amphibienlebensräume in der Zivilisationslandschaft
2008-03-14Niedersächsisches Tierarten-ErfassungsprogrammPodloucky Richard GermanyScheme - species Amphibien - Reptilien
2006-06-22Restoration and integrated management of the island of BudaTorre Anton Mariano SpainScheme - habitats Ancares project: co-ordinate management of two adjoining comunitarian sites of interest (LIC)
2006-05-05European Monitoring of HabitatsThanos Costas GreeceScheme - habitats A pilot network of plant micro-reserves in Western Crete
2006-05-05European Monitoring of HabitatsDimopoulos D. GreeceScheme - habitats Application of management plan for Caretta caretta in southern Kyparissia Bay
2006-03-17Aquialp.netGreßmann Gunther AustriaScheme - species AQUILALP.NET - The Golden Eagle in the Eastern Alps
2006-05-10Monitoring of habitats in SpainQuintana Xavier SpainScheme - habitats Arrangement and management of the Baix Ter Coastal lagoon and marshes
2006-10-20Hungarian Natura 2000 monitoring on MacrolepidopteraBaranyi Tamás HungaryScheme - species Arytrura musculus monitoring scheme
2006-03-07Estonian NMP InvertebrataTuusti Jaanus EstoniaScheme - species Astacus
2016-06-28RAPELD - a method that would be appropriate for long-term ecological studies, but that would permit rapid surveys to evaluate biotic complementarity and land-use planning in Amazonia.Magnussen William Europe wideScheme - species A standardised, integrated, modular monitoring scheme which is compatible with existing initiatives and can be implemented with the minimum amount of manpower -thereby reducing costs - and provides data quickly.
2006-05-23Monitoring birds in the surrounding of the city of Asti - ItalyCaprio Enrico ItalyScheme - species Atlante dell‘avifauna nel comune di Asti
2006-05-16Banco de datos de biodiversidad (BIOTA) Islas CanariasRodríguez Luengo Juan Luis SpainScheme - species Banco de datos Terrestre
2006-07-18Hungarian Biodiversity Monitoring System (HBMS)Váczi Olivér HungaryScheme - species Bat community monitoring
2006-03-07Estonian NMP MammalsMasing Matti EstoniaScheme - species Bats (Chiroptera)
2010-01-05National Biodiversity Monitoring System - bats Stanimirova Madlena BulgariaScheme - species Bats monitoring
2006-11-16Swiss Biodiversity Monitoring Programme (BDM)Ramseier Petra SwitzerlandScheme - species BDM - Butterfly Monitoring
2006-07-21Behavioral ecology of wild carnivoresPoulle Marie-Lazarine FranceScheme - species Behavioral ecology of wild european carnivores
2006-06-12Bilan patrimonial des forêts domanialesDirection technique DG FranceScheme - habitats Bilan patrimonial des forêts domaniales
2006-05-10Monitoring of habitats in SpainSanchez Martinez Carlos SpainScheme - habitats Biodiversity conservation and recovery in the river basin of Asin
2014-06-21Local Lepidoptera Monitoring Scheme - species Biodiversity index based on light trapping
2008-03-04Biological valuation map of FlandersPaelinckx Desiré BelgiumScheme - habitats Biological valuation map of Flanders
2007-12-17Biomonitoring of Atna river, Norway NorwayScheme - species Biomonitoring of Atna river, Norway
2008-03-04Bio-monitoring of the Schelde-estuaryVan den Bergh Erika BelgiumScheme - species Bio-monitoring of the Schelde-estuary - Macrobenthos
2008-03-04Bio-monitoring of the Schelde-estuaryVan den Bergh Erika BelgiumScheme - habitats Bio-monitoring of the Schelde-estuary - Vegetation
2008-03-04Bio-monitoring of the Schelde-estuaryVan den Bergh Erika BelgiumScheme - species Bio-monitoring of the Schelde-estuary - Waterbirds
2008-03-04BioSoil - Biodiversity partRoskams Peter BelgiumScheme - habitats BioSoil - Biodiversity part
2006-10-04Monitoring of grassland related semi natural biotopes in a catchment in Northeast GermanyGlemnitz Michael GermanyScheme - habitats Biotopes in agricultural landscape integrated in a matrix of arable land, soil and management data
2006-05-15French Bird Ringing Schemes - Programmes nationaux de recherche ornithologiqueJulliard Romain FranceScheme - species Bird Feeder Monitoring - Suivi des Populations d‘Oiseaux Locaux Mangeoires
2006-08-04Birds of the Białowieża National Park.Wesołowski Tomasz PolandScheme - species Birds of the Białowieża National Park.
2006-03-13Monitoring of Birds in the Kampinos National ParkOlech Bogumiła PolandScheme - species Black Stork in the Kampinos National Park
2006-11-14BMP - Common Bird Censusvan Dijk Arend NetherlandsScheme - species BMP - Common Bird Census
2006-10-11GrassHabit LIFE projectIllyés Eszter HungaryScheme - habitats Botanical monitoring of grassland managements (grazing, mowing) in Hungary
2006-08-25Bird MonitoringLorgé Patric LuxembourgScheme - species Breeding Bird Monitoring
2006-09-11Briding birds monitoring Roux Denis FranceScheme - species Breeding birds monitoring
2006-01-26Vigie-NatureJiguet Frederic FranceScheme - species Breeding Bird Survey - Suivi Temporel des Oiseaux Communs Point counts
2007-06-20Breeding Lapwing in the Heads of the Valleys areaOsgathorpe Lynne United KingdomScheme - species Breeding Lapwing in the Heads of the Valleys area

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