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Monitoring butterflies and dragonflies in the Netherlands in 2005
Date: 2006-09-13

Monitoring butterflies and dragonflies in the Netherlands in 2005

De Vlinderstichting (Dutch Butterfly Conservation) and CBS (Statistics Netherlands) coordinate the monitoring schemes for butterflies and dragonflies in the Netherlands. The butterfly scheme started in 1990, the dragonfly scheme in 1997.

The number of butterfly transects and plots has more or less stabilized just under 700 sites. The sites are well scattered over the country. The species-richest sites are found in the eastern half of the Netherlands and in the coastal dunes. The winner was a site near Maastricht in the very south of the country, having 28 species in 2005. 23 species have been counted since the start in 1990! The number of butterflies in 2005 was low again. In spite of this a few species had their ‘highest index ever’, e.g. Papilio machaon and Celastrina argiolus. Aglais urticae and Lasiommata megera had their ‘lowest index ever’. The most common species was Maniola jurtina, as in all previous years.
The report presents the trends of all native butterflies as graphs. An overview of the trends of butterflies since 1992 indicates that eleven species show a significant increase, four others are stable and 30 species are declining.

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