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New project management and data exchange system online
Date: 2005-04-01
Abstract: Today the EuMon project officially launched their new data exchange system. This system will enable all EuMon partners to communicate more effectively and exchange file and information in an easy, straightforward and efficient way.

The mail system enables all users to direct mails to WPs and other defined groups. The members of these groups are being updated by the WP leaders, who have administration rights for this purpose and are therefore always up-to-date. Please, in the future, only use this system to direct emails to WPs and groups!

In the files section, EuMon users can find a tree structure with relevant information about the EuMon project (pdfs, minutes of meetings, reports, and administrational things). Information only relevant for one WP can be put in the corresponding WP folder. This folder is open to access for all EuMon users and can be changed only the WP leader.

A task is a defined package of work (can be a deliverable or part of it), that is equivalent to at least four weeks of work for one person. Tasks can be defined for single users, or for WPs or groups. Tasks for WPs can be defined by the WP leaders, other tasks can be defined by the coordination team (please contact them for setting up a task for more than one WP). Tasks will appear in different colours according to their status (done, not yet ready, undone) and will be visible to all users for motivation purposes.

The chat system can be very effectively used for short-time discussions with several people. It is a good alternatve to meetings or telephone calls, when more than two people have to communicate in short time periods.


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