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Results from EuMon contribute to monitoring of Norway’s biodiversity
Date: 2007-11-09

As part of a national programme for the inventory and monitoring of Norway’s biodiversity, special emphasis is placed on red-listed species and other species for which Norway may be considered to have special responsibility. This involves some considerable challenges, as both the number of red-listed species in the major taxa (fungi, insects) and their population sizes and distribution patterns make it difficult to apply standard representative sampling. A first approach to meet these challenges is to identify the relevant species and then to sort them into categories suitable for different monitoring approaches, based on their ecological traits and distribution characteristics. Here EuMon contributes in both steps. Results from EuMon’s WP4 on national responsibilities will be very helpful in deciding relevant criteria for the selection of species for future monitoring, especially for species of national responsibility for Norway. The recommended EuMon approach may not be applied directly, but the basic logic behind this approach will aid in structuring the criteria for selection of a priority set of species. The various methodological considerations developed in EuMon’s WP2 will then contribute to specify the basic approaches available for sound monitoring of species with different ecological and distribution characteristics. By the end of 2007, the work should result in a recommended set of species allocated to suitable basic monitoring approaches. Contact person for this work is Anne Sverdrup-Thygeson of NINA (

More information in the 4th EuMon newsletter


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