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EuMon Final workshop approaching
Date: 2007-11-09

EuMon Final workshop approaching

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With the implementation of the European nature conservation directives (Habitats and Birds Directive) it became a legal obligation for each EU member state to regularly report on the conservation status of its wild flora and fauna. To evaluate the status of species and habitats it is necessary to continuously observe and document their development in the long term. This is already being done for many of the approximately 100.000 animal and 14.000 plant species in Europe. But in spite of the large number of monitoring systems, it remains difficult to determine the national and international conservation status of species and habitats. Therefore coordinating monitoring efforts and data across Europe will increase relevance and potential implications of monitoring outputs.
The EuMon-Project was launched to develop such a coordinating framework and herewith invites you to the final meeting.

The conference and workshops address members and representatives from NGOs and nature conservation agencies as well as scientists and policy makers.

The major issues we are going to address during the conference are:

  • Where are the gaps in biodiversity monitoring?
  • Biodiversity Monitoring, needs and duties of governments and the public
  • Advantages and problems to build multinational monitoring schemes
  • Volunteer involvement in Biodiversity Monitoring
  • What types of education are needed to encourage the public’s interest in biodiversity and monitoring?

Each day will be dedicated to one or more of these subjects and will usually start with presentations in the morning and panel discussion or workshops in the afternoon.


28th of January 2008: EuMon and Monitoring policy - EuMon in a Nutshell

29th of January 2008: Volunteers in Biodiversity Monitoring - Monitoring IT-tools

30th of January 2008: Data collection and analysis - National responsibilities and conservation priorities

On the 27th of January there will be an open day on biodiversity monitoring dedicated to the interested public.


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