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EU-wide monitoring methods and systems of surveillance for species and habitats of Community interest

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Participatory monitoring networks

Survey of participatory monitoring networks (PMNs) across Europe to answer how the use of amateur naturalists as unpaid volunteers, contributes to monitoring the achievement of the 2010 target of halting biodiversity loss in Europe. The research is focussed on organisations engaged in monitoring activities that include data supplied through participatory networks of volunteers. For the purpose of the survey Europe will be divided into four regions a) Scandinavia and the Baltic countries b) Northwest Europe c) South and Southeast Europe d) Central and Eastern Europe. The survey will be conducted by searching electronic sources and databases to identify PMNs.

Phase I. Questionnaires will be sent to selected personnel to elicit information about the organisation and history of the PMN, the role of amateurs, their motivations to participate, the use to which their contribution is put, their means of recruitment, and the relationship between amateurs and professionals. Special attention will be given to questions concerning the role of NATURA 2000 in the creation, design, and use of databases for assessing the 2010 target.

Phase II. Detailed qualitative research will be carried out on four selected PMNs, and a quick assessment of another four PMNs will be undertaken in each of the four European regions. Fieldwork will employ qualitative methods such as semi-structured interviews, focus groups, and participant observation. A minimum of thirty interviews lasting one hour or more and ten focus groups lasting for two hours or more will take place for each of the four selected PMNs. A total of at least 14 days participant observation will take place for each selected PMN.

D4 - Preliminary list of approaches and best practice most acceptable to both professional and amateur naturalists for the successful realisation of participatory monitoring networks (PMNs) to assess the achievement of the 2010 target in Europe.

D24 - Cross-cultural recommendations for operational approaches in participatory monitoring networks to assess the 2010 target


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