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EU-wide monitoring methods and systems of surveillance for species and habitats of Community interest

Halt the loss of
by 2020

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Presentation of EuMon

On this page, you can access key presentations of EuMon and will find information about the dissemination of knowledge and where you can access EuMon results. EuMon has taken three major groups of users into consideration for dissemination:
  • Conservation scientists;
  • NGOs and governmental organisations involved in monitoring activities;
  • General public.
While primarily addressing the first two groups, the following stand-alone presentation provides an overview of EuMon and some key results that may also be of interest for the informed public.

To reach the different target groups, various dissemination materials have been prepared. For scientists as a target group, EuMon used the conventional scientific channels, such as journals, conferences, and other publications, summarising the results of EuMon and reviewing the-state-of-the-art. More comprehensive results are available as Deliverables.

For NGOs and governmental organisations involved in monitoring, we developed flyers and posters to inform about the project and to stimulate contributions to the EuMon database. Three policy briefs summarize key results and recommendations for monitoring approaches, for the identification of national responsibilities and conservation priorities, and for the successful involvement of volunteers in monitoring activities. The executive summaries of the Deliverables also address this target group.

Flyer for interested public
Poster for interested public

Besides professionals, the public and especially amateur naturalists play a key role in monitoring activities in all countries across Europe. Participation of amateurs increases public awareness and acceptance and moreover, due to larger manpower, yields more complete monitoring data. EuMon prepared publications in magazines and newspapers and involved the general public in a final conference and exhibition on biodiversity monitoring in Europe. EuMon prepared a poster with recommendations for the use of mobile telecommunication in biodiversity monitoring. Besides the flyers, the poster, and the EuMon-overview-presentation on this page, we provide information on volunteer involvement in the section "About Participatory Monitoring Networks". General background information about biodiversity monitoring and biodiversity policies can be accessed via the BioMAT tool.

EuMon organised sessions at scientific conferences and a main conference to present results to a broad audience. Presentations given in two of these conferences are available via this website.

EuMon Final Conference
In January 2008 EuMon organised a main conference that was open to a broad scientific audience.
SEH-congress in Porto
Presentations on monitoring hold at the SEH-congress in Porto, Portugal. The rights of usage stay with the authors of the presentations. Usage of material only with permission of authors.

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