EU-wide monitoring methods and systems of surveillance for species and habitats of Community interest
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Participatory Monitoring Networks in Europe

1. Name of Organisation:
Exmoor Conservation Volunteer Partnership
1a. Your e-mail:
2. Organisation address:
Exmoor National Park Authority Exmoor House Dulverton Somerset TA22 9HL
2a. Country:  
United Kingdom
3. What geographical area does your organisation cover?
An area within a country Exmoor National Park
A country  
Other countries
4. When did your organisation start?
5. How many paid staff are in your organisation?
6a. Can members of the public (ordinary people) join your organisation?
6b. If Yes, how many members of the public (ordinary people) currently belong to your organisation?
6c. Do members of the public who have joined your organisation pay a membership fee?
6d. If some members do not have to pay a fee, please explain why
7a. What aspects of biodiversity your organisation monitors?
Insects Amphibians Fish Birds Mammals Plants Reptiles
Habitats Checking usage of Open Access areas by dog walkers
7b. Please provide a brief description of your organisation's biodiversity monitoring activities.
Exmoor National Park Authority coordinates the Exmoor Conservation Volunteer Partnership so tasks come to us from the National Trust, the Crown Estate and South West Lakes Trust as well as internal Authority staff. Tasks occasionally include biodiversity elements, but the staff leading the activities would know more about the individual aims
8. How long has your organisation carried out biodiversity monitoring activities?
6-10 years
9. Are any of your organisation's monitoring activities carried out in collaboration with another organisation/s?
10. If Yes, please give the name(s) of the organisation(s)
Not sure about for the whole Authority, but the Exmoor Conservation Volunteers have been helping with butterfly and moth counts with Butterfly Conservation as well as otter surveys with Devon Biodiversity Records Centre and Somerset Environmental Records Centre
11. Do you supply or pass on your monitoring data to other organisations?
12. If Yes, please give the name of the organisation(s)
See above & also staff leading tasks will know exactly who information is passed on to
13. Are your monitoring data published in a regular report?
14. Are the report(s) available on the internet?
14b. Internet address of report(s):
15. Do volunteers contribute to your organisation's monitoring activities?
16. Do volunteers have to be members?
17. Please estimate the proportion of your organisation's biodiversity monitoring data that is provided by:
(a) Your organisation's staff 0 % 
(b) Volunteers who are members 0 % 
(c) Volunteers who are not members 0 % 
TOTAL 100 % 
18. How long has your organisation used volunteers to assist with monitoring activities?
3-5 years
19. What biodiversity monitoring information does your organisation ask volunteers to collect? Please list this information:
Depends on the task
20. Does your organisation have enough volunteers for its biodiversity monitoring?
21. If no, please explain why
22. What do you think motivates people to contribute to your organisation's biodiversity monitoring schemes (e.g. hands-on experience)? Please list:
Usually a love of being out on Exmoor doing something useful
23. What methods does your organisation use to recruit volunteers?
Articles (newspapers, magazines etc.) Advertisements in newspapers, magazines etc.
Internet/e-mail Invitations sent through the post
Word of mouth Open days, workshops, activity days
Radio/T.V. Other
24. Do volunteers receive any financial support (i.e. expense payments)?
25. What proportion of volunteers have formal environmental training? (e. g. field courses, university degree in biology, ecology etc.)
26a. Does your organisation provide any training for volunteers?
26b. If Yes, please describe what training is given to volunteers.
First aid, rural skills (hedge laying, stone walling) dormouse handling, otter surveying, any other task related work that requires training
27a. Does your organisation validate the data received from volunteers?
27b. If yes, how are the data validated?
Unsure - depends on if member of staff leads the task or expert from another organisation
28. Does your organisation provide feedback to volunteers who contribute to your organisations monitoring activities?
Additional comments:
The responses to this questionnaire may differ to those given by staff of Exmoor National Park Authority as they are the experts and we only get involved in a certain amount of their work

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