EU-wide monitoring methods and systems of surveillance for species and habitats of Community interest
  A research project funded by the European Union 
Participatory Monitoring Networks in Europe

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Published: 327 (show 30 questionnairies/ page)
Use of volunteers: 327 (100.00%)
Organisation Country
Norwegian Institute for Nature Research Norway
Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust United Kingdom
NP Podyji administration Czech Republic
Office des Données Naturalistes d'Alsace France
Operation Carpatica Poland
Organbidexka Col Libre France
Orkney Islands Council-Local Authority United Kingdom
Ornithological Club Holysov Czech Republic
Ornithological Society of Little Poland Poland
Ornitološko društvo Ixobrychus Slovenia
Oxford Nature Conservation Forum United Kingdom
Oxford Urban Wildlife Group United Kingdom
Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Authority United Kingdom
People's Trust for Endangered Species United Kingdom
Pirin National park Bulgaria
Plantlife International United Kingdom
Poleski National Park Poland
Polish Society for Nature Protection Poland
RAVON-Monitoring Committee Netherlands
Research Station of Birds Migration Poland
Research Team of Water Birds KULING Poland
Ribiška zveza Slovenije Slovenia
Romanian Bat Protection Association (Asociatia pentru Protectia Liliecilor din Romania) Romania
Romanian Mycological Society Romania
Romanian Ornithological Society Romania
Rothamsted Research (one project) United Kingdom
Rotherham Metropolitan Council United Kingdom
Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh United Kingdom
Royal Horticultural Society United Kingdom
Royal Horticultural Society, Hyde Hall United Kingdom
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